Project Objective Description
SharpSky Focus Manager (ASCOM Client software)
The objective of this software project was to produce a simple and free ASCOM compliant focuser control client.  The project key objectives were as follows :

      -  ASCOM compliant
      -  Simple to use
      -  Multirate focus control
      -  Ability to configure up to eight separate filters
      -  Multiple profiles available (five)
      -  Profile description box
      -  Over right protection
      -  Text based setup file
Dave Trewren   20/11/2011
The purpose of this software is two fold :

    - To provide multirate focus control of any ASCOM compliant focuser

    - To allow the user to configure multiple filters with reference to a predefined reference
       point, therefore allowing the user to move from filter to filter once the reference
       focus point is achieved. 
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Video Demonstration
The following is a short video demonstration of the focus manager tool.  I hope the operation makes sense.  If there is any confusion or something that I have not expained very well then please contact me and I will elaborate further.  Rather than writing a lot of words I figured a video would be a better demonstration.
Software Manual
I have written a short operation manual for the software to compliment the video.  This can be downloaded from :


The SharpSky client software is available here :

SharpSky client software